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Recruitment Guidelines

The Gallery is one of the most exclusive escort agencies in London and our clients are gentlemen of taste and refinement from all around the world who expect nothing but the best. Therefore, our standards are very high. We only accept applications from candidates who are committed to maintaining the standards set by The Gallery.

We are always on the lookout for exceptional beautiful young ladies, with toned bodies, and most importantly, with the 'right' attitude. We suggest you study our site to see where best you could fit into our portfolio of courtesans.

Our basic requirements for an elite courtesan at The Gallery are that you are:

You can expect an in-depth interview to find out as much about your personality as possible. If you are successful at the interview stage, we will invite you to join our ranks as well as offer you training and advice to make sure you reach your maximum potential as an elite courtesan in London.

We put a great deal of effort into training you, so we are looking for a long term, loyal partnership. In return, you can earn an income and enjoy a life style with The Gallery that you may never have thought possible.

You will meet fascinating rich and powerful men and enjoy the high life. Travel the world and be pampered in luxurious surroundings, first class hotels and adventurous settings. The rewards of being a successful elite courtesan at The Gallery are enormous, but as with all jobs, you will be required to give the very best of yourself.

We specialise in overnight and luxury travel bookings, so it is imperative that your passport is up to date and that we know of any travel restrictions you may be subject to.

The Application

The application form must be fully completed and must be accompanied by at least 4 high quality photos. This form is confidential and will be reviewed by our internal experienced team only. Let us know if you want the photos to be for internal use only and not to be published on our website. Please provide genuine pictures, of a professional standard, with at least one head shot. When we meet you for your interview, we want to be able to recognise you from your photographs.

All information in our possession will be removed and destroyed should you choose to end the relationship with The Gallery. Your images will only be used for the evaluation of your application and will not be published without your permission. We are known for our discretion and you can rest assured that all information given to us will remain confidential except where you specifically authorise us to publish details in order to promote you.

If you are a genuine, honest, drug free person with a confident, warm personality, and over 18 years of age and feel you could be a Gallery candidate please complete and return the application form. We will contact you for a an interview.

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