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Interview and training procedures

The Gallery is totally committed to recruiting the highest standard of young candidates. Have they got what it takes? Do they have the right attributes to join our team at The Gallery?

It's not just about looks, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We want to see if they have the desire to learn. Is their personality coming through or is it a persona that they think we are looking for? We want to learn about them as people.

We initially do this by inviting them to a short informal face to face interview. This already puts us on a different level to all other agencies; as very rarely nowadays, do agencies even bother to interview anyone. They receive an email from a "pretty" girl and put her on the website. We think our clients deserve much more. We will assess their looks and deportment, composure, behaviour and overall suitability.

First impressions do count, but often the potential is there; it just needs to be realised by the expert staff at The Gallery. We are looking for genuine, eloquent, warm and engaging candidates. Once we have had this meeting, we then arrange a second, much longer assessment. This is where we discover more about them as individuals. We do this by asking in-depth questions about their long term goals, background, formal education and approach to life. What makes them tick and what their values are:

Once they join The Gallery, they are under constant scrutiny (in a subtle and mutually beneficial way); standards have to be maintained. We assess the timekeeping, reliability and overall impression of each individual young lady. Then we support and advise how to make them even better. We offer on-going training, recommend them to hairdressers, dentists, photographers etc. NO OTHER AGENCY OFFERS THIS LEVEL OF SUPPORT

We make sure that the photos are genuine; too many agencies use fake pictures all the time. The Gallery will guarantee the pictures are 100% genuine and not heavily re-touched. We need to provide you, the client, with all the relevant information to make your choice the right choice.



The successful candidates, the select few, are supported and trained to the highest standards. We want to encourage new, fresh young ladies to join us. And sometimes, this means recognising their potential and encouraging them to fulfil it.

We spend a great deal of valuable time doing this; we see this as an investment in our future. Every now and them a little spark explodes into a superstar.

We will visit them at their home to get a feel for not only their personality, but to give advice on the ambience of their homes. We teach them about a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It should be calming, with a selection of suitable background music, candles. In short, a relaxing environment.

We want our clientele to feel completely welcome and at home. You will be offered a drink of your choice from a selection available on arrival; hospitality is a part of their training - to be the perfect hostess.

We encourage young ladies to take courses in different types of massage, follow the daily news and current affairs, to be able to converse about any chosen subject, with eloquence and knowledge.

We teach the importance of the best choice in lingerie, preferably La Perla. High quality, simple and tasteful. We teach young ladies about subtle, understated elegance. Sometimes, less is more.

We believe that our young ladies are like debutantes entering a world of good taste. They are not typical; they are trained courtesans, with a natural demeanour without being professional. Taught how to pamper and seduce, our aim is to rise above the average mentality of what to expect from an escort and make the whole experience exquisite and one that is unrivalled, that only we at The Gallery can provide.

The Gallery is taking you back to a time when taste and refinement was the normal end expected way of doing things; elegance and good manners were a natural part of every woman's teachings. The Gallery tells each candidate that the pressure is on them to provide the client with the greatest single experience ever, a perfect moment, a Kodak Moment, to be enjoyed and remembered for the rest of their lives.

All The Gallery's candidates are taught about the true meaning of the word Discretion. We know how important it is for all parties involved, to feel secure in the knowledge that your information is always kept strictly private and confidential by everyone at The Gallery.

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