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Madams in history

The role of a Madam in elite courtesan services is as a pre-eminent matchmaker: finding the perfect girl for the client. A supreme Madam understands that the clientèle of elite courtesans are among the richest and most powerful men in finance, media, politics and other top fields, and they are used to having only the best of everything - which a truly excellent Madam will fulfill.

A Madam builds a successful business that can weather the constant changes and demands of the industry, the same as many businesses today. She works to introduce new clients to the London courtesan services she offers, and is constantly striving to ensure current clients continue to enjoy the high quality service expected from her establishment.

Marica is one of the most experienced and elite Madams in London., working to mould only the most exquisite London escorts through stringent training and education. Listening to her clients has made her business successful, and she is renowned throughout London as the Madam elite London courtesans can rely on to meet men of the top drawer social circles and clients are able to meet the exquisite and obliging courtesan of their dreams.

As a Madam, Marica dedicates her expertise and experience in teaching and training only the highest class of London escorts. Working up to 14 hours a day to make sure 'The Gallery experience' is one clients will want to have over and over again, Marica strives for excellence on every single level.

Madams in history

There are several famous madams throughout history, such as the ones mentioned below:

Madam Alex (aka Elizabeth Adams):

Madam Alex was a flamboyant lady that operated a Beverly Hills call girl service for two decades. She was a proudly Filipino and an appealingly practical business woman who understood exactly how money, fame and lust converged in Hollywood. She likened her business to that of a finishing school.

Heidi Fleiss – The Million Dollar Madam:

Heidi met Madam Alex in 1987, and worked for her for some time. She then went on to start her own Hollywood call girl service. She was so successful that she was given the nick name 'Million Dollar Madam'. In 1996 a film was made called The Hollywood Madam, and depicts the struggle between Madam Alex and Heidi for the crown and title of the most elite call girl service of all.

Madam Claude:

In the 1960's Madam Claude was a famous French Madam who supplied classical beauties to heads of states, political dignitaries and civil servants. She was very successful for over 20 years. In 1977 a film based on her life was made called "Madame Claude". Her elite courtesans were famously referred to as "Claudettes", and many went on to marry rich and famous patrons.

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